Experience with key players and employees from your organization what a workday could potentially look like as well. Meet other perspectives on vitality within your organization.

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Vitality is on the agenda at more and more organizations as a rebuttal to rising absenteeism rates, burnout rates and high workloads. Many HR managers, entrepreneurs and vitality or occupational health and safety specialists also struggle with the question: how then? How do you improve the vitality of all your employees and not just the ones with (potential) burn-out? And, one step further, how do you use vitality as a catalyst of growth? During The Vital Workday, you will experience for yourself what a workday can potentially look like as well, what it feels like and learn the why and how behind it. During this day, we will let you see and experience a different perspective. You’ll also learn from other organizations and end the day with concrete potential steps for improvement. We are happy to facilitate The Vital Workday for a team of core players and first group of employees in your organization!

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Strategic Route (2 hours)

This in-company session takes place with key players, decision makers and stakeholders around vitality from your organization, under our guidance. Here we consider:

  • Status quo: vitality in your organization under the microscope; steps taken, experiences and needs
  • Growth phase: analysis of current status and main obstacles to growth
  • Inspiration: learn from best practices at other organizations
  • Luring perspective: clarity on steps to take (short- and long-term)

Inspiration Clinics (2 x 1.5 hours)

These inspiration clinics are designed to give employees in your organization an accessible taste of vital initiatives from The Vital Workday.

  • How do I improve my personal vitality? (Roy Wenting)
  • How do I improve my financial vitality? (Jeroen van der Linden)

At the end, we evaluate the experience and gauge the needs of the staff present. The outcomes will be shared with the core players of the Strategic Route session.

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  • Inspiration for a new vitality boost in your organization
  • You start to see why it pays to invest (more) in vitality
  • You learn to understand why your current approach sometimes fails
  • Insight through practical experience stories of best practices at other organizations
  • A refreshing brainstorm on vitality with key players in your organization
  • Sample our vital initiatives for your employees: from improved personal vitality to getting more out of your salary
  • And…most of all, you set something beautiful in motion by starting small!
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Normally the investment for an in-company Vital Workday like this is €5,000.00 excl. BTW.

But we are now offering something very special.

We believe in vitality as a catalyst for organizational growth. We want to help fuel the vital flywheel in your organization. We understand that this can be exciting and comprehensive.

Therefore, we are now offering this day for € 1,500.00 excl. BTW. So you will receive €3,500.00 discount! This is a one-time event in the summer and fall of 2024. So don’t miss this opportunity!

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Margot van Hoijdonck

As a Vitaloog® and psychologist, I am convinced that more vitality in the workplace ensures that companies and employees flourish and it helps them perform at their best. With great pleasure and enthusiasm, I have therefore been helping organizations develop and optimize vitality since 2019. From my expertise and experience with dozens of organizations (profit and non-profit, ranging from 75 to 17,000 employees), I help create and implement a customized vitality plan. Characteristic of my approach is that the plan contributes to organizational goals and employees want to participate in it.

Jeroen van der Linden

With his company MisterBrightside, Jeroen creates financial security and a happier life by identifying and realizing (financially) wishes and dreams. Financially healthy employees are more productive, less often sick and are happier in life. Mister Brightside combines the fields of coaching, financial planning and retirement. In other words, realizing (financial) goals of relationships through helping and supporting in good times and in bad.

Roy Wenting

Roy Wenting guided thousands of professionals in large organizations toward inner peace, resilience and growth. He uses mindfulness meditation, yoga and transformational coaching, among other methods. Roy spent 3 years in Asian communities, monasteries and yoga schools. As a business expert, he bridges the gap between current challenges of professionals and impactful techniques for self-optimization. Roy is author of the book Next Level You incl. associated app and method.